ADVANCE RIKO will try a new field with its various thermal technologies like Infrared Gold Image Furnace and Seebeck Coefficient/Electric Resistance Measurement System(ZEM).



ADVANCE RIKO provides contract analysis services in the development of materials with new properties and in the development of materials with new functionality, as well as for the evaluation and research of heat characteristics and thermophysical properties of those materials.

In addition to the world’s de-facto standard system ZEM-3 series used for the current hottest topic, the evaluation of thermoelectric materials, thermoelectric efficiency of thermoelectric modules can also be evaluated.

For thermoelectric efficiency, many materials can be sampled, from thin films to bulk materials, and from metals to organic matter. Coefficient of thermal expansion measurements and infrared heating evaluation experiments are also possible.

Nanoparticle processes using arc plasma are perfectly suited to the research and development of catalysts and photocatalysts in fuel cells. In order to develop composite nanoparticles with the ability to dramatically increase their catalytic function, ADVANCE RIKO supports the sampling of nanoparticle films of various types of materials using arc plasma.

We can also handle custom sampling to support the varied needs of our customers. Please contact us about contract analysis needs.

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