ZEM-3M10L(L)_150511We have newly launched a wider temperature range type of low temperature attachment for ZEM-3, which has been used as the evalaution system for Seebeck coefficient and Electric resistivity evalaution.
Not only can newly purchase a new system with this option, but also, it becomes possible to expand the measurement temperature range in swithcing in-use ZEM-3 with this new option.


The maximum temperature measurement range with this new option : -100°C ~ +200°C.
*The conventional one : -80°C ~ +100°C (This sale will be continued)
*Please contact us about the price.

1)When adding this new cryostat to in-use ZEM-3, the modification might be required.
2)When modifying in-use ZEM-3, its PC might be required to upgrade to Windows 7.
*Please contact us with the MFG number of the system.