Policy on Protection of Personal Information

ADVANCE-RIKO, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Company”) shall make efforts to protect personal information provided by customers pursuant to the following policy.

Personal information means information about individuals, including the name, address, telephone number, mail address, place of work, products purchased by a customer, services rendered, inquiries, and others from which the person concerned can be identified. (This includes information from which the person concerned cannot be identified from said information alone, but which can be easily collated with other information, and from which the person in question can be identified).

  1. The Company shall comply with laws and regulations on the protection of personal information and other norms to protect the privacy of customers who have used this home page.
  2. The Company shall prepare compliance programs in compliance with the “requirements for the compliance program (JIS Q 15001) for protection of personal information” and comply with them when collecting, using and providing personal information and conduct rigorous control.
  3. The Company shall prevent illegal access to, loss, destruction, revision and leakage of personal information, and correct them.
  4. The collected personal information shall be used only within the scope of the purpose of utilization set forth by the Company’s privacy policy.
  5. The Company’s compliance policy shall be reviewed and improved on a continual basis.
  6. This home page shall be utilized under customers’ responsibilities. The Company shall not be held liable for any loss and damage caused by use of the information acquired from this home page and other home pages linked to this home page.

Narishi Gonohe