Gas Transmission Rate Measurement System GTms-1 Series

Measure the absolute amount of gas transmission rate with a high sensitivity
With Standard Conductance Unit developed by AIST(National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology), this system can measure the absolute amount of transmission rate with a high sensitivity.


Gas transmission rate measurement of gas barrier films widely used as packaging for food, drink and medical products or sealing of electronic device


  • By the use of Standard Conductance Unit, an absolutely-corrected measurement data is available.
  • By the use of a mass spectrometer, other gases like O2 or N2 as well as water vapor are available


Temperature range 40 °C (standard) *up to the heat-resistance temperature of a sample
Minimum measurement sensitivity Water vapour: 10-6 g/m2/day or less
Oxygen: 10-2 cc/m2/day or less
Measurable gas Water vapour, Oxygen, Nitrogen etc.
Detecting method Quadrupole mass spectrometer


Model GTms-11CM GTms-11CA GTms-12CM GTms-12CA
Number of samples (Number of chambers) 1 1 2 2
Data analysis Manual Automatic Manual Automatic

Measurement Principle

  • Preparation of calibration curve: With no sample placed, flow vapor (or gas) by using Standard Conductance Unit under some amount of vapor (or gas) pressure and measure ion current with a mass spectrometer. Repeat this process several times under the different amounts of vapor (or gas) pressure to make calibration curve.
  • Sample setting: Set a sample and exhaust a sample chamber with a turbo molecular pump into a high vacuum condition.
  • Gas introduction and measurement: After reaching the high vacuum condition, introduce vapor (or gas) from the upper side of the sample chamber and start measuring. With the mass spectrometer, measure the ion current of the vapor (or gas) that has transmitted through the sample.
  • Transmission rate analysis: With the calibration curve, calculate the transmission rate from the ion current of the vapor (or gas) that has transmitted.

Measurement example


System size W 1010 x D 688 x H 1680 (mm)
Power supply AC100V, single phase, approx.3.0kVA
Grounding D type
Others Nitrogen for vent, Compressed air

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