Automatic Transformation Point Measurement System Transmaster-3

This system can rapidly heat and cool metal samples in temperature ranging from room temperature to maximum 1350°C and with curve lines of time-temperature and displacement(length) taken from the heating and cooling process, transformation point(temperature) can be measured.
The sub-zero mechanism uses the latent heat of vaporization from liquid nitrogen and allows measurements down to -150°C.


  • Detection of the transformation point of pieces of metal
  • Creation of CCT/TTT diagrams


  • Measurements at negative temperatures with the sub-zero mechanism
  • Clean heating with the Infrared Gold Image Furnace
  • Full-featured analysis software


Measurement Properties Thermal expansion
Temperature Range -150 °C to 1350°C
Sample Size φ 3 mm x 10 mm length
Cooling Method Gas jet from the gas nozzle
Optional Cooling water circulator
Spot welder
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