Privacy Policy

ADVANCE RIKO shall use collected personal information for the following purposes. It shall not only comply with its compliance program in any case but also exercise utmost cautions in handling it in compliance with this 1 policy.

Personal information means information about individuals, including the name, address, telephone number, mail address, place of work, credit card number, products purchased by customers, services rendered to customers, inquiries, and others from which the person concerned can be identified (This includes information from which the person in question cannot be identified from said information alone, but which can be easily collated with other information, and from which said person can be identified).

It is to be understood that some services on our homepage are not available unless personal information is provided by customers.

1. Purpose of using personal information

  1. Identification of proposal for purchased or registered products and/or services and delivery of them
  2. Delivery of magazines, books, periodicals and other notice of services
  3. Compliance with customers’ inquiries, requests and demands
  4. Confirmation of applications for events/seminars and delivery of letters of invitation.
  5. Request for cooperation in survey and participation in events, and report of the results.
  6. Collection of information about the use of products, services, web site and others and providing information and survey results on companies and organizations including ADVANCE RIKO that may be useful to customers
  7. Conveying appreciation for the surveys to which cooperation was extended.
  8. Improvement of products used by customers, providing services and developing new services
  9. Improvement of products, services, and contents of web site to provide better satisfaction to customers
  10. Customizing products, services and contents of web site in compliance with individual users
  11. Survey of the degree of satisfaction with information and products ordered
  12. Grasping how the web site is used by customers and use it for improvement of services and development of new types of services

The collected personal information may be correlated with other information controlled by ADVANCE RIKO. For example, it may be correlated with the control system for periodicals published by ADVANCE RIKO to confirm that readers of the web site are readers of periodicals.

2.Disclosure to a third party

The collected personal information shall not be disclosed to a third person without consent by the user.

Even when information that may be useful to the user is provided by a company or organization other than ADVANCE RIKO, the personal information shall not be disclosed nor provided to such companies or organizations without consent by the user.

However, the personal information may be disclosed or provided to said companies or organizations if the user has requested a company or an organization other than ADVANCE RIKO through ADVANCE RIKO to provide information, provide services, order for a product, make application, contact or mediate or if the user makes application to an exhibition or seminar with which such companies or organizations are concerned.

The personal information may be disclosed if it must be disclosed according to laws or if it is reasonably judged that it is necessary to do so in order to protect or defend the user’s rights, properties, safety and others as well as those of ADVANCE RIKO.

3. Control of personal information

Personal information collected shall be handled with safety under stringent control in accordance with ADVANCE RIKO’s compliance program.

ADVANCE RIKO may entrust the handling of personal information to a company which ADVANCE RIKO has judged to be reliable and with which secrecy contract on personal information has been concluded as part of its business activities.

Even in this case, personal information shall be protected by ADVANCE RIKO’s compliance program.

4. Correction of registered information

ADVANCE RIKO shall control personal information as accurately as possible and in the latest content possible. The registered information will be disclosed if requested.

If it is pointed out that the contents are not accurate, ADVANCE RIKO will check them to supplement, change, correct or delete them or take other actions (retirement). However, some products or services may be unavailable if they are deleted from registration.

5. Beware of the following case

Some of ADVANCE RIKO’s sites provide such services as chats (conversation), forum (meeting room), bulletin, news group, exchange of e-mails, and others.

It is to be noted that the information disclosed in these services will be public information.

Each of ADVANCE RIKO’s sites contains a link to outside site.

ADVANCE RIKO is not responsible for protection of personal information on the linked site or the contents of the site.

6. Use of IP address and cookie

ADVANCE RIKO uses the IP address recorded in the log mainly for the following purposes.

  • To locate the cause of problem that has occurred at the server and resolve it
  • For site control

Each site of ADVANCE RIKO may use cookie.

Cookie is small-scale information that the site sends to the user’s browser and may be stored on the user’s disk as file.The use of cookie allows recording the page that the user visited.On a membership site, services may be provided by combining cookie and the information registered by the user.

ADVANCE RIKO uses cookie mainly for the following purposes.

  • To make it unnecessary to input password each time the visitor uses membership service if membership service is created.
  • To improve the contents of web site or e-mail to provide better satisfaction to the visitor and to customize them to individual visitors.
  • To provide services to meet with visitors interest.
  • To control information so that the same advertisement may not be shown to the visitor for a number of times or information that may be useful to the visitor is provided.

Information obtained by using cookie and which has been statistically processed may be made public. This does not include information that permits identification of individual visitors.

By setting browser, the visitor can reject the receipt of cookie or can display a warning message when cookie is received. Without cookie, the contents of services of each site of ADVANCE RIKO may be limited or some services may not be available.

7. For inquiry

For more information about protection of personal information at ADVANCE RIKO, contact us at the following address.

Kazuo Sakamaki, Director
Personal Information Controller
General Affairs Department, ADVANCE RIKO, Inc.
4388 Ikonobe-cho, Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama, kanagawa, 224-0053 Japan