Contract Analysis

Contract Analysis and Measurements Terms and Conditions

Contract Analysis and Measurements Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions are the basic agreement between ADVANCE-RIKO Inc. and the party requesting contract analysis and measurements (further referred to as the Outsourcer) necessary for carrying out the analysis or property measurements (further referred to as the Work) that ADVANCE-RIKO Inc. accepts from the Outsourcer.

(Contract scope)

Article 1. ADVANCE-RIKO will carry out the Work within the range listed on the quotation and report those results to the Outsourcer.


Article 2. The relevant quoted amount is valid in the validity period listed on the quotation. However, consumption tax will be separately added to that amount.

(Individual contract)

Article 3. When the Outsourcer outsources the Work to ADVANCE-RIKO, they will create a request document in the prescribed format and submit it to ADVANCE-RIKO.

(2) The individual contract comes into effect when ADVANCE-RIKO receives and accepts the request document submitted by the Outsourcer.


Article 4. Information of a technical nature that is disclosed or submitted to ADVANCE-RIKO by the Outsourcer either verbally or in writing, samples, the results of the Work, and other sales or technical information of the Outsourcer that is learned in the course of carrying out the Work (further referred to as the Confidential Information) will not be disclosed or leaked to third parties without the express written consent of the Outsourcer, or used for purposes other than for the Work. However, this is not limited to information known by ADVANCE-RIKO when the Confidential Information is learned, public information when the Confidential Information is learned, or information that is obtained by ADVANCE-RIKO from third parties for just reasons.

(2) Regardless of the previous stipulations, if ADVANCE-RIKO outsources a portion of the Work or all of the Work to a third party, ADVANCE-RIKO will disclose information to the party that accepts the Work.

(3) The Outsourcer shall not disclose or leak the methods of the Work or the results disclosed or provided by UVLAC-RIKO to third parties without the express written consent of ADVANCE-RIKO. However, this is not limited to information that corresponds to the exceptions in (1).


Article 5. ADVANCE-RIKO will report the results of the Work to the Outsourcer by the date and time stated in the individual contract. (Provision of samples and other materials)

Article 6. The Outsourcer will provide ADVANCE-RIKO with the samples, equipment, and information necessary to carry out the Work by the date and time stated in the individual contract. In this case, the Outsourcer will provide usage precautions about the items provided to ADVANCE-RIKO.

(2) When the samples and other materials cannot be provided by the date and time stated in the individual contract, or when there is the possibility of that occurring, the Outsourcer will promptly inform ADVANCE-RIKO of that and the submission date and time of the report will be decided by consultations.

(Procedures after the Work is completed)

Article 7. After ADVANCE-RIKO finishes the Work, all items and materials accepted on the condition that they be returned will be returned. The Outsourcer will bear all necessary expenses.

(2) Unless otherwise provided for, ADVANCE-RIKO will store a copy of the Work report for a period of 5 years from the date of submission, and documents related to the Work and samples will be stored for a period of 1 year after submission of the report.

(Usage of the results)

Article 8. ADVANCE-RIKO bears no responsibility for any damage that occurs related to the use of the results by the Outsourcer.

(2) When there is an error in the methods of the Work performed by ADVANCE-RIKO, after consultation, the Work will be redone with the expenses borne by ADVANCE-RIKO or the losses incurred by the Outsourcer will be compensated with the full amount of the payment received from the Outsourcer as the maximum limit.
(3) ADVANCE-RIKO offers no guarantees that the results of the Work do not infringe on the industrial property rights of third parties.


Article 9. Unless otherwise provided for, the payment conditions of the contract expenses are to be paid in cash by the end of the month that follows the submission date of the Work report. However, if ADVANCE-RIKO incurs high advance payments in the execution of the Work, such as for the purchase of equipment, payment in the relevant amount will be charged immediately after the individual contract has been concluded.

(Contract dissolution)

Article 10. If a problem has occurred where the individual contract cannot be executed due to unavoidable circumstances, the Outsourcer or ADVANCE-RIKO can modify or dissolve the individual contract by mutual agreement after consultation.

(Force majeure)

Article 11. When it becomes difficult to carry out the Work for reasons not attributable to ADVANCE-RIKO, such as due to natural disasters or other events, the action to take will be determined after consultation.

(Matters for consultation)

Article 12. Items not stated in these terms and conditions and questions arising with respect to the interpretation of these terms and conditions will be determined after consultation by both parties in each case.