Contract Analysis


Application Fill in the analysis request form.
Check your request We check your request in details such as sample’s caracter, how many samples and when analysis is expected to complete. Please cotact us even if you find analysis conditions suggested on this website don’t meet yours. There are some cases we could manage.
Estimation We make proposal about analysis method suitable for your need and estimate it. Prices on this website are standard and may change dependent on conditions.
Order Before ordering, read the terms and conditions.
Measurement ・Analysis We decide a system suitable for your request and start measurement. It may take more time to complete measurement and analysis depending on measurement conditions and how many other orders we have for the system.
Report We report the outcome and send back your samples. We issue an invoice for the analysis and send it to you.
*Please note that some kinds of samples may not be returned to you due to its conditions after measurement.
Payment Please make payment through a bank transfer by the end of the following month after the analysis is finished.

We handle the contents of your inquiry and order strictly confidential.
If there is possibility that contamination or toxic material can be emitted from a sample, please let us know beforehand.