Company Philosophy


The mission of ADVANCE RIKO, Inc. is to take on the challenge to the unexplored fields from nano to the global environment.

Since its foundation in 1962, we have developed a number of products, such as thermal analysis/thermophysical property measuring system and infrared lamp heating system etc. based on thermal technology, and contributed to the development of technology, research, development, and production activities for customers around the world.

Our corporate philosophy has been to contribute to society with providing innovative, cutting-edge technologies. We have been working for further improvement of technical capabilities, such as the temperature management and evaluation system etc. related to the heat after being a member of the Chino Group as 【Measuring, Control, and Monitoring Technologies】since 2014.

We will continue to develop and provide unique products using thermal technology for rapid evolving society and industry, such as advanced information society and a decarbonizing society etc. and meet the expectations of everyone as a company that will be useful for the future.



Kazuo Sakamaki