Notification of program temperature controller changing

Thank you very much for your patronage of our products.
We have decided to change the program temperature controller (E5AR series manufactured by OMRON Corporation) built in our products that have been sold for many years.

With the announcement of the end of production of the E5AR series manufactured by OMRON Corporation, we have proceeded the selection of succession / alternative unit so far and we came to decision to use the program temperature controller manufacturedby Rika Kogyo Co.,Ltd for future production.

The E5AR series manufactured by OMRON Corporation is specially designed for ADVANCE RIKO. (Hereinafter referred to as “E5AR for ADVANCE RIKO”) According to the announcement that it would be difficult for Omron to manufacture similar product from now on, we finally decided to change the model.

【E5AR for ADVANCE RIKO Sales suspension date: March 2021】

It would be appreaciated for your kind understanding and acceptance to the inconvinience this change would be caused to you.
We will continue to do our best to provide the products that satisfy with our customers. Thank you for your cooperation.
As countermeasures for the future, it would be available to repair E5AR for ADVANCE RIKO by OMRON Corporation until March 2024.

In addition, for the handling the trouble which is required to replace with the E5AR for ADVANCE RIKO,
(1) Replaced with a program temperature controller manufactured by Rika Kogyo Co., Ltd.
(2) Replace with some spare stocks (E5AR for ADVANCE RIKO) (Available for limited quantities).

In some cases, in order for shortenning the lead time for the repair, we recommend to purchase some spares (E5AR for ADVANCE RIKO) in advance for unexpected issue.