Thermal Flow Rate Evaluation System for Low Thermal Resistance Multilayer Substrates F-CAL

It is possible to measure the multilayer materials, which is difficult with the laser flash method.
This system is to measure the heat flow rate of a sample.
A heating block is contact with the high temperature side of the sample, and the low temperature side of the sample is contacted with a low temperature block which works as both a cooling and a heat flow meter to perform measurement.v
It is possible to measure the heat flow rate flowing from the hot side to the cold side of the sample in a steady state.
The thermal resistance of the unknown sample can be evaluated by comparing with the thermal flow measurement results of a standard sample with known thermal resistance.


  • Composite of metal + resin
  • Composite of ceramic and metal
  • Composite of carbon and semiconductor
  • Evaluation of anisotropic materials


  • Heat flow rate (thermal resistance) in the thickness direction can be evaluated
  • It is convertible to thermal resistivity using reference sample (Cu・SUS304, etc.)
  • It is possible to meaure thermal resistance of a sample wich is made by joining a thin sheet material and a metal material


Measured physical properties Heat flow rate (thermal resistance)
Temperature range 50°C (Heating block set temperature)
Module size 25mm or 40mm square x thickness 1 to 5mm
Measuring atmosphere In the atmosphere


System dimensions Approximately W800 x D800 x H1800(mm) (Main body)
Approximately W300 x D430 x H675(mm) (constant temperature water circulator)
Weight Approx. 250 kg
Required power supply Main body:Single-phase AC200V, 5kW
thermostatic water circulator:Single-phase AC100V, 1.6kW
PC:Single-phase AC100V, 1kW

Sample system block

Example of measurement data

40mm Square Sample Heat-Block 50°C Temperature rise

Research Paper List

  • Development of a Thermal Resistance Evaluation Device Using a Flow Calorimeter
    Thermal Physical Properties p. 16-21 No. 1, Vol. 37, 2023
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