Atmospheric Thermoelectric Module Evaluation System F-PEM

The system can evaluate the power generation and heat flow that can be gathered when the temperature difference is given to thermoelectric module in the environment(in atmosphere and under load) and conversion efficiency that can be calculated from maximum power generation and heat flow. In addition, this system can conduct long-hours operation and heat cycle tests of thermoelectric modules and can be used for testing newly developed modules as well as for durability tests under load and temerature in which commercially available modules are actually incorporated.


  • Evaluation of maximum power generation and heat flow of thermoelectric modules in air and under load
  • Evaluation of conversion efficiency of module calculated from maximum power generation and heat flow
  • Evaluation of durability of thermoelectric modules by long-hours measurement


  • The output of characteristics of the module can be evaluated by continuous loading at a high temperature in air.
  • Repeated measurement of Pmax is possible at constant intervals while continuing to apply load for a long time.
  • Measurement can be performed while applying a constant load in accordance with the actual module built-in environment.


Measurement properties Power generation, Heat flow, Conversion efficiency
Temperature range Room temperature to 600℃ (heater setting value)
Sample size 40mm-square (Standard)
Measurement atmosphere In air


Outside dimensions W600 x D600 x H1700 (mm)
Weight Approx. 120kg
Power Single phase AC200V, 5kW (main body)
Single phase AC100V, 1kW (PC)

Sample system chart

Current load
Heat capacity of water
Flow rate of water
Outlet temp. of water
Inlet temp. of water

Power generation(P) = IV
Heat flow(Q) = Cv (Tout- Tin)
Conversio efficiency(η)=P / (P + Q)

Measurement example of oxide TEG

  • Pmax
  • Heat flow
  • Efficiency max


  • 日本熱電学会誌 第15巻第2号(2018)85-88 大気中での熱電モジュール評価装置の開発と検証
    The Journal of the Thermoelectrics Society of Japan Vol. 15, No. 2 (2018), pp. 85-88 ©2018 The Thermoelectrics Society of Japan

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