Mini Lamp Annealer MILA-5050

This system is a Mini Lamp Annealer that enables the heat treatment up to 50mm square size samples.
MILA-5000 series, the current models which are available for up to 20mm square size samples, have been velued by many customers since their release. But in response to increased number of demands from customers that they want to heat bigger samples, this new system, available for heat treatment of up to 50mm square size samples has been developed with still having a compact body in which heating furnace, chamber and temperature controller are all integrated.


  • Rapid thermal annealing of Si wafer and compound wafer
  • Rapid thermal annealing of electronics material like substrates of optical CVD
  • Heat treatment of glass substrates, ceramics and compound materials etc
  • Thermal cycle test
  • Thermal annealing of metal materials
  • Heat resistance evaluation of coating films
  • Heating and drying of organic materials and resins


  • Heat treatment up to the maximum 50 mm square size samples
  • Maximum operating temperature 1200°C
  • Desktop type in which heating furnace, chamber and temperature controller are all integrated
  • Rapid heating/cooling and clean heaing with cold wall structures
  • Simple input of temperature recipe into computer connected with USB
  • Display temperature data on the PC monitor during heating


Temperature Range RT ~ 1200 °C
Heating rate 50 °C/s
Sample Size □ 50 or φ 50 × t 2 (mm)
Atmosphere Vacuum, Gas flow
Process pressure 10Pa or more ~ atmospheric pressure

*Vacuum pumping system is optional. * Heating temperature changes according to the heated sample’s infrared reflectance, absorption, heat capacity, and material.

Measurement data

  • ① 500℃,Δt = 3.2℃
  • ② 800℃,Δt = 0.6℃
  • ③ 1000℃,Δt = 4.2℃
  • ④ 1200℃,Δt = 2.6℃

Sample assembly (when measuring 2-inch sample)

SiC coat carbon susceptor and quartz sample holder are optional parts (above).


Power source AC200V, 5kW
Cooling water City water, flow rate 6L/min
water pressure 0.3MPa or more
System size 450(W) x 492(D) x 219(H) mm without protrusion
Weight approx. 24kg


  • SiC coat carbon susceptor
  • Vacuum exhaust system (RP, DRY etc.)
  • Gas flow unit (rotameter)
  • Flow switch for cooling water
  • Check valve (relief valve)
  • Power cable, Cooling water hose
  • Cooling water circulator
  • Handy spot welder (HS-9000)
  • Handy arc welder (HA-1H)
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