Ultra High Precision Thermal Expansion Measurement System by Laser Interferometer SuperLIX

The world of expansion with accuracy of 1×10-8/K or less

Thermal expansion measurement with the world-class ultra high accuracy *as a commercial measurement system

Application case

  • Development of zero-expansion materials
  • Development of negative thermal expansion material and anode materials
  • Development of standard materials
  • Development of materials for actuator

This system is a highly sensitive thermal dilatometer using a dual path Michelson laser interferometer with linear deflection type He-Ne lasers. It has a function to prevent the effect of oscillation disturbance by incorporating a vibration isolation mechanism inside the system.
Therefore, the thermal expansion factor can be measured with an accuracy of 1 × 10-8/K or less under the condition that a typical analytical electronic balance (resolution 0.01mg) can be used stably.It can also be used to measure the absolute thermal expansion rate of low expansion materials, assist in developing these materials, and provide quality control on the production line.

The LIX-series of thermal dilatometer using a dual path Michelson laser interferometry is the only commercially available model in the industry that can measure the absolute thermal expansion factor.
This measuring method complies with JIS (JIS R3251-1990) of thermal expansion rate measurement method for low expansion glasses.

This system has been developed in the collaborative research with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) in the support of the Japan Science and Technology Agency(JST) under (Adaptable and Seamless Technology transfer Program through targetdriven R&D A-STEP)

The following are the research and development results of JST A-STEP.


  • High-precision dilatometry of materials with extremely low expansion rate such as 10-8/K (glasses, ceramics, metal, etc.)
    ・ Spare parts of lithography system for semiconductor production
    ・ Spare parts of precision stage
    ・ Materials requiring high accuracy such as for aerospace industries
    ・ Materials for highly precise photogram substrate
  • Quality control of low expansion materials
  • Calibration samples of a normal thermal dilatometer


  • By incorporating a elimination mechanism within the system, the impact of the vibration disturbance can be prevented, and the typical analytical electronic balance (resolution 0.01 mg) can be used in a stable environment. (patent application: 2016-058190, 058191, and 058192)
  • Measure the displacement of a sample based on the laser wavelength (632.8nm). Stray light can be eliminated by integrating optical elements, improving the signal-to-noise ratio of fringe signals. No measurement or operation is required for special displacement calibration.
  • The interference fringes are detected by the image sensor and imageprocessed to calculate the displacement (expansion/contraction) at a high resolution (1nm) even during sample measurement. And the expansion rate can be checked.

Patents and standards

Compliant with JIS R3251-1990
Special Features 2016-058190, 058191, and 058192


Model SuperLIX-R
Temperature range Standard type 0~50℃ (highly accurate water circulation system used)
Sample size φ5 or □5±0.5 x L12~20(mm)
(standard sample sizeφ5xL20(mm), end-face finishing with R-shape)
Atmosphere Reduced pressure He atmosphere
Measurement method Dual path Michelson laser interferometry


Space requirement Approx. W1200 xD760 x H1600(mm)
*2500mm(H) or more space is required for removing a chamber.
Power PC(monitor, desktop): AC100V 15A(plug and earth cable included), two locations
Exhaust system: AC200V three phase 15A one location
Gas feeding system: AC100V single phase 15A one location
Water circulation system: AC100V 15A(plug and earth cable included) one location
Grounding D type (ground resistance 100Ω or below) one location

Measurement Example

Measurement of low expansion ceramics

Measurement of metal(super-invar)
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