Continuous Annealing System for Steel Sheet CAS series

Easy determination of transformation point of steel sheets
The CAS series achieves high-speed heating and cooling with the use of an Infrared Gold Image Furnace, direct temperature control of the samples, and easy atmosphere production. This system makes it possible to precisely achieve thermal treatment simulations of processes for steel and iron materials that had been previously difficult. Supports general purpose heat treatment tests to process heat treatment simulation tests of materials such as steel sheets, steel plates, stainless steel sheets, and magnetic steel sheets.


Continuous annealing simulation test of thin steel sheet


  • Accurate temperature programming of samples is possble by using an Infrared Gold Image Furnace.
  • The cooling method can be selected from gas cooling, mist cooling, and water cooling
  • Also capable of dew point atmosphere control


Temperature Range Temperature Range
Sample Size 70 mm width x 200 mm length x 0.5 mm to 3.0 mm thickness
Measurement Atmosphere Vacuum, Inert gas, Air (dew-point controlled atmosphere also available)
Optional Cooling Method:Gas, Mist (2 fluids gas water mix), Water
Customizable to special specifications

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