Electric Heat Resistance Measurment System EHR series

Temperature dependency measurement of insulator samples
This system can measure the temperature dependency of insulators like ceramics, plastics and glass.


  • Research and development of glass and semiconductor glass
  • Evaluations of the insulation properties of zirconia insulation materials
  • Evaluations of the heat resistance of plastic insulators


Precise measurement is available because the leakage resistance of the surface of a sample can be removed by a special ring-shaped guard electrode.


Model EHR-2000RH EHR-2000L EHR-5000
Temperature Range RT ~ 1000 °C -150 ~ 200 °C RT ~ 500 °C
Measurement Properties
and Measurement Method
Electrical resistivity/ Direct three-terminal method
measurement range 102Ω~1015Ω 102Ω~1017Ω
Sample Size φ 20 mm x 2 to 5 mm thickness φ 50 mm x 0.5 mm thickness
Measurement Atomosphere nert gas flow, air, vacuum (optional)
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