Handy Spot welder HS-9000

Universal handy welder
It is suitable for spot-welding of metals like thermocouples, foil and thin plate. By local-quick welding, precise welding with less oxidation and heat deformation can be available.


  • Handy and simple creation of measurement junction
  • Welding gun with a light-shielding cover for the safety
  • Compact-handy type with low cost and safe handling


Method DC instantaneous resistance welding
Welding Capacity 80 Ws (Max. 2200 A)
Welding Target Various alloy wires and sheets 1 mm max.
Welding mode output and resistance welding time are changeable
Welding setting 1 output and pulse width can be set with a dial
Welding setting 2 welding gun pressure is adjustable
Power supply AC90-240V 5A(50/60Hz)
Equipment size W190 x D400 x H265 (mm)
Weight 8.5kg


  • Main body 1 set
  • Welding gun (copper electrode) 1 set

*Some materials are not available for welding. Please consult us.


Some electrode types are available according to welding objects.
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