Adiabatic Specific Heat Measurement System SH-3000 series

Measures specific heat capacity, latent heat, transformation points
Capable of precisely measuring specific heat capacity, latent heat, and transformation points with the adiabatic control method.


  • Measurements of specific heat capacity of various materials
  • Glass transition point measurements of polymer materials
  • Theoretical analysis of reaction rates of solid reactions and solid to liquid reactions


  • Capable of near equilibrium state with adiabatic control
  • Joule heating is applied to the sample and the rate of temperature increase is precisely measured by the internal microcontroller


Model SH-3000M SH-3000L
Measurement Properties Specific heat capacity
Temperature Range 50~800 °C -150℃~100 °C
Sample Size φ 18 mm x 20 mm length
Measurement Atomosphere Inert gas Low-pressure He gas
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