Thermogravimetry / Differential Thermal Analyzer TGD-9000 series

Unique single TG and separate DTA measurements

The TGD-9000 series is capable of performing TG/DTA measurements in a wide range of temperatures from room temperature to ultra-high temperature regions.
Models equipped with the Infrared Gold Image Furnace can perform measurements with various heating conditions.


  • Thermal decomposition of plastics
  • Research and development of ceramic binders and thermoelectric materials
  • Oxidation evaluations and reduction reactions of steel and iron materials


  • Capable of measurements with rapid heating and cooling using infrared lamp heating
  • Customizable with a gas analyzer or other instruments


Model TGD-9400 TGD-9500 TGD-9600 TGD-9700 TGD-9800
Temperature Range RT ~ 1000 °C RT ~ 1500 °C RT ~ 1500 °C RT ~ 1700 °C RT ~ 1650 °C
Sample Volume icro type: 0.1 cc Macro type: 0.5 cc
Measurement Atmosphere Air, inert gas

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