Programmable Temperature Controller TPC-5000 series

Temperature controller capable of supporting high-speed heating with good precision.
This programmable temperature controller can support not only Infrared Gold Image Furnaces that require a fast response during high-speed heating , but also low-speed heating furnaces.
It features high functionality and high performance in a compact package and meets your needs with a low price and many accessories.


  • Furnaces that require high-speed heating including Infrared Gold Image Furnaces


  • Capable of high-speed sampling, programmable I/O via a PC
  • PID settings can be easily configured with the auto tuning function


Type Power Supply
TPC-5000-31-X Single-phase 100V 30A
TPC-5000-32-X Single-phase 200V 30A
TPC-5000-62-X Single-phase 200V 60A
TPC-5000-122-X Single-phase 200V 120A

X: Select from "1" for the standard model or "3" for the enhanced type eith external I/O ports.

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