Organic Pigment Material Sublimating / Refining System TRS series

Easy purification of Organic materials
General organic pigment is poor in purity, containing lots of impurity. Therefore the property of the thin film roduced in a condition poor in purity does not show its original features, varying with the impurity. This system can produce highly pure organic materials.


  • Research and development of organic EL materials
  • Organic EL display, Organic EL illumination


  • There are two types of module systems for sublimation refining
    method: all-in-one type and simplified type.
  • Various needs for sublimation refining can be met
  • Sample volume of 160cc or more is available
  • Multi-zone temperature control


Model TRS-1 TRS-1S TRS-160
Temperature range 40 ~ 450 °C (max. 500 °C)
Sample volume 10 cc (max.) 160 cc (max.)
Processing time ~ 7 hours
Atmosphere Vacuum, Ar gas flow
Heating method 2-zone control 1-zone control 2-zone control
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