Hight Temperature Wettability Evaluation System by Contact Angle at the Solid-Liquid Interface WET-1200

Capable of precise observations of substrate and ingot wettability
This system has been commercialized as a compact, low-cost high-temperature wettability test/contact angle measurement system based on the wettability test/contact angle measurement system delivered to the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency in 1993. This system can perform measurements by the static drop method. The extruded liquid drop method is also available(optional).


  • Wettability observations of brazing and welding
  • Research and development of cast alloys and cast mold materials
  • Liquid-phase sintering research
  • Wettability testing of molten glass and sealing metals


  • Capable of measurements in various atmospheres
  • Static drop method or extruded liquid drop method can be selected


Temperature Range Standard - Static drop method - RT to 1500°C
Optional - Extruded liquid drop method -RT to 1200 °C
Sample Size Substrate φ 10 mm x 2 mm thickness
Measurement Atmosphere Vacuum, Gas flow, Air
Optional Extruded liquid drop method (RT to 1200 °C)
Contact angle measurements

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