Microbial Activity Measurement System Antares/Spica/Leonis

Capable of monitoring microbial growth activity in real time
This system measures “heat” generated from microbial cells in real time and evaluates the microbial growth activity. Even if a sample is non-uniform including solid or liquid, the system can measure in a non-destructive manner without changing the sample’s original shape.


  • Monitor how food goes rotten and how preservative is effective
  • Study on food fermentation/brewing
  • Research for preservation of pharmaceutical, cosmetics and detergent
  • Development of a wide variety of antibacterial
  • Preservative study of cosmetics
  • Refined evaluation of effect of medication


  • Capable of measuring samples with every kind of shapes in a nondestructive manner
  • Capable of simultaneous measurement of up to 19 samples
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Capable of growth rate constant
  • Rapid measurement of 100% inhibition concentration MIC


  • Spica (24s amples)
  • Antares (19 samples)
  • Leonis (8 samples)
Model Spica Antares Leonis
Measurement method Detect sample heat generation with sensor
Number of samples 24 19 8
Sample container Ampule / vial Petri dish
Available size of sample container φ19 × H90 (mm) φ40 × H78 (mm) φ60 × H32 (mm)
Temperature range Temperature control power unit Temperature constant water circulation system
Data loading Loading time: every 60 seconds, up to 166 consecutive days

System constitution

  • ❶ Sample unit
  • ❷ Analyte incubation
  • ❸ Standard cell (at 1 place)
  • ❹ Cylindrical coppers (at 19 places)
  • ❺ Thermocouple plate
  • ❻ Copper tube for cooling water
  • ❼ Thermal insulating material
  • ❽ Aluminum heat sink
  • ❾ Signal analysis circuit
  • ❿ Data compiling and PC for analysis



  • Sample measurement unit
  • Data acquisition unit
  • PC
  • Constant temperature water circulation system
  • Ampule/vial container (option)


System dimension W 465 x D 650 x H 500 (mm) *excluding projection portions
Weight Approx. 100 kg
Power consumption AC 100V, Maximum 10A
Installation environment Recommend using it in an environment with less temperature change

Relation between system signal and the number of molds

Measurement date of colon bacillus growth

Microbial Activity Measurement System Line up

Compact type

(24 samples)

Schale type

Leonis(8 samples: φ60mm schale)
Sample holder
※Please use ampule/vial container with outside dimension, φ40 X 86(mm) or less

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