Robotic Thermal Dilatometer DLY-9000-ROBOT

Labour-saving quality management with fully automatic and unattended operationuality control.
This system was developed for the purpose of standardizing the measurement and saving labor in quality management. With superior repeatability, safety measures for unattended operation and chart function, this system is most suitable for quality management.


Glass transition point of polymer materials, Melting point of low-melting metals like solder materials, Transformation point of metallic materials, Specific heat capacity of solid (powder)materials


  • You can select sample length version among 20, 50, 100mm depending on your purpose.
  • Functions to monitor errors of each measuring section as standard equipment
  • Fully automatic and unattended operation and analysis
  • Continuous unattended operation for measuring up to 48 samples
  • Various safety measures equipped as standard like against suspension of water supply, earth leakage and power failure etc.
  • Greatly-improved measurement cycle due to infrared heating
  • Automatically monitor measurement accuracy with a standard sample at startup
  • Remote control for manual recovery when abnormal stop of the system (Data before a stop is saved.)


Temperature range RT ~ 1100 °C
Heating method Infrared Gold Image Furnace
Atmosphere Air, Inert gas
Sample size (select sample length) φ or □ 5 × L20 (mm)
φ or □ 10 × L50 (mm)
φ or □ 10 × L100 (mm)
Sample size negotiable
Maximum number of samples Standard sample 1pc + 24pcs (The number of Samples is arbitrary.)
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