Periodical Heating Method Thermal Diffusivity Measurement System FTC series

Easily evaluate thin film materials that are difficult to measure with the flash method
This system measures thermal diffusivity in the thickness direction of solids such as film polymers, paper, and ceramics by using the AC joule heating method.
With specialized in room temperature measurement only, which is highly needed, a compact body and low cost have been achieved.


  • Thermal diffusivity measurements of film materials (thickness direction)
  • Polymer films, heat dissipation sheets, electronic device materials, conductive materials, power devices, and other polymer materials


  • Compared to the flash method, the thickness limitation of the sample is one-half or less, making it optimal for thermal property evaluations of thin polymer materials
  • For polyimide-based samples, 10 µm to 200 µm
  • The detector has been widened so that it can measure at the surface of the sample, so measurements have high reproducibility
  • Power saving (100 VAC 15 A, excluding computer)
  • The installation area is about the size of A3 paper, less than half of the size of our conventional model (FTC-1)

A patent and a standard

International standard for plastics
Complies with ISO 22007-3


Model FTC-RT FTC-1
Thermal diffusivity Thermal diffusivity
Temperature Range RT RT to 200 °C
Sample Size Dimensions: 10 mm to 20 mm square
Thickness: 10 µm to 200 µm (polyimide-based samples)
20 µm to 300 µm (quartz glass)
Air Inert gas, air


Power AC 100V, 15A(Excluding PC)
System dimension Approx. W355 × D530 × H232(mm)
Height when furnace cover is opened Approx. 495 mm
System weight Approx. 20 kg (Excluding protrusion)

Block diagram (Sample assembly)

Analysis software

Analysis shall be done with dedicated software.
Analysis(Basic model)
Analysis for all measurements
Analysis(Conductive material)
Analysis at measuring sample sabdwiched with Polyimides.

Measurement example of polyimide films commercially available in the market

Thickness(μm) 13 26 56 133
Thermal diffusivity(×10-6m2s-1) 0.10 0.10 0.11 0.12

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