Handy Arc welder HA-1H

Compact handy welder with safety handling
With high-temperature carbon arc, it melts wires completely to create a spherical junction.
By the use of special flux, anti-oxidation layers can be created, making a good contact point easily.


  • Handy and simple creation of measurement junction
  • Welding gun with a light-shielding cover for the safety
  • Compact-handy type with low cost and safe handling


Method Arc output 60V, 3A (180W)
Welding Capacity Arc output 60V 3A
Target Wire K, R, J φ0.1 ~ φ 0.6 (mm)
Safeguard Electric shock, light-shielding, overheating
Power supply AC 100V, 5A
Equipment size W 95 × D 250 × H 155 (mm) Excluding projection portions
Weight 2.5kg

*Attention In Japan
Those who are engaged in arc welding work must attend a “special training for work involving arc welding etc.”, which is mentioned in Article 36 (iii) of Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health.


  • Welding gun (carbon electrode) 1 set
  • Main body 1 set
  • Flux 1 set
  • Electric rod 1 set
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