High Temperature Rapid Thermal Annealing System HT-RTA59HD

Heating a small piece of sample up to 1800°C just in 10 seconds.
HT-RTA59HD is a desktop-type lamp annealing system which enables a small piece of sample to heat up to 1800°C (Ultrahigh temperature zone) just in 10 seconds with high reflection efficiency by spot focused heating.


  • SiC (Power device) oxide film formation to activation
  • Heat treatment furnace for high-melting point material
  • Sintering and baking furnace
  • Local heating impact test furnace
  • Crystal growth test furnace (Zone melting)


  • Capable of heating a small piece of sample (□ 15 mm) up to 1800°C (Ultra-high temperature zone) just in 10 seconds.
  • High reflection efficiency with high-power spot focused heating
  • Desktop-type compact design
  • Infrared lamp heating method enables clean-heating to minimize dust and gas generation
  • It is available to easily input outer signal or temperature program setting from your PC and display the temperature data during heating on the monitor.


Temperature range RT ~ 1800 °C
Sample dimension □15 × t1 (mm)
Heating atmosphere Various gas flow
Thermocouple JIS B φ 0.3 (W-Re is available)
System diagram
  • For lamp cooling Air GAS INLET
  • Lamp
  • Transparent quartz protective tube
  • Transparent quartz protective tube
  • Slider to move the sample into/out of the furnace (Manual operation)

Heating property

Maximum achieving temperature

The power supply : 7kW (max.)
Measurement : W-Re thermocouple
Heating atmosphere : N2 1L/min
Attainment Temperature : 2157℃ (Approx 200℃/sec heating up to 2000℃)

Rapid heating control

Temperature recipe : 200℃/s holding time 5 min.
Heating atmosphere : N2 100cc/mm
Sample holder : High purity carbon
Sample Susceptor : High purity carbon

Sample holder and susceptor


Power requirements AC 200V, single phase 8kW
Cooling water 0.3MPa Approx 5L/min
Lamp cooling gas Dry air Approx 200L/min
Outside dimensions (mm) Approx W410 x D450 x H840 (excluding protrusion)
Weight Approx 45kg


  • Vacuum exhaust system (RP, DRY, TMP etc.)
  • Gas piping system (From 2nd system)
  • Cooling water circulator
  • Cooling air generator system
  • Handy spot welder (HS-9000)
  • Handy arc welder (HA-1H)

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