Lateral Vibration Internal Friction Measurement System IFT series

Quantitative analysis of carbon and nitrogen in steel and iron
This system measures the internal friction of steel and iron by the free vibration decay method.


  • Snoek peak separation of carbon and nitrogen contained in steel sheets
  • Quality control
  • Analysis of the dynamic relaxation phenomenon of alloys
  • Research and development of high-damping alloys


  • Capable of high-precision internal friction measurements with simple operation
  • Employs a sampling system that minimizes the internal friction background


Model IFT-1500M IFT-1500L
Measurement Properties Internal friction value Q-1
Temperature Range Room temperature to 600 °C
(heater capacity value)
Sample Size 10 mm width x 120 mm length x 0.5 to 1.2 mm thickness
Measurement Atomosphere Vacuum Vacuum Vacuum, He gas
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