Production Heat Treatment Furnace (Manufacturing Line Equipment)

Heationg system according to heat treatment objective
This heating system is desiged based on the shape of the material and the heat treatment objective in the process.
By making maximum use of high-speed heating, cooling and clean heating, we provide heating furnaces with non-polluting, low energy and high functionality.


  • High-speed preheating of aluminum extrusion dies for building materials
  • Continuous heat treatments of metal wire rods
  • Continuous heat treatments of metallic tape materials before and after the rolling process
  • Diffusion bonding heating of dissimilar metallic materials
  • Drying/baking heating of coating films
  • High-vacuum heating of glass substrate materials
  • softening/molding of vinyl chloride
  • Drying and annealing of enameled wire
  • Carbon nanotube growth furnaces


* Specifications correspond to the objective of heat treatments. Please consult with us for more details
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