Infrared Gold Image Furnace Ps, Pss series

Useable in wide fields from carbon nanotube growth equipment to production equipment.
The flat plate reflected infrared heating furnace can be used for applications such as a 2-inch to 300 mm diameter wafer lamp annealing system or a production baking furnace.


  • The Ps type has 40-mm wide reflective surfaces.
  • The Pss type has 20-mm wide reflective surfaces that allow high density lamp configurations.
  • Both the Ps type and the Pss type can heat a wide area by increasing the number of reflective surfaces.


  • Heating large glass substrates (Solar cells, FPD, etc.).
  • High-temperature, high-speed heating of semiconductor wafers.
  • Annealing of thin steel sheets


Model*1 Heating Method Lamp Number Heating Length
(Light Emission length)
Lamp Voltage Input
Ps15V Planar radiation heating 1 140mm 200V 1.2kW
Ps110V 265mm 2.0kW
Ps116V 420mm 300V 3.0kW
Ps35V 3 140mm 200V 3.6kW
Ps310V 265mm 6.0kW
Ps316V 420mm 300V 9.0kW
Pss35V 140mm 200V 3.6kW
Pss38V 200mm 4.8kW
Pss310V 265mm 6.0kW
Pss316V 420mm 300V 9.0kW
*1 Model number meaning
For Ps(s)35V
P : Parabolodial reflection , s : 40mm-width,(ss : 20mm-width) , 3 : Lamp number , 5 : Lamp length , V : Planar Heating type

・Please be aware that heating furnaces require cooling water.
・Heating temperature changes according to the heated sample’s infrared reflectance, absorption, heat capacity, and material.
・For other specification requirements, please feel free to contact us.

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