Rapid Multi Property Measurement System RMP-1

Heating up to 3000K within one second!
This system measures thermophysical properties by applying current directly to a sample to heat up to higher temperature within one second. Measurable standard properties are electrical resistivity, total emissivity, specific heat capacity, thermal expansion rate and thermal diffusivity.


Carbon materials, Metal materials and Space development etc.


  • Applying current directly to a sample can make it possible to heat up to more than 2000°C quickly.
  • Heat-resistant materials used in high temperature of more than 2000°C can be measured.
  • More than two properties can be measured simultaneously.
    Electrical resistivity, Total emissivity*1, Specific heat capacity, Thermal expansion rate*2,
    Thermal diffusivity*2
  • Temperatrure controllability: within 1% (at 2800°C)
  • Easy installation with power supply 100V/15A and no need of cooling mechanisms like cooling water
  • High energy-saving is expected because measurement can be done in a short time.
    *1 Hemispherical total emissivity (compliant with JIS-R1693-3)
    *2 Optional

A patent and a standard

Hemispherical total emissivity (compliant with JIS-R1693-3)
Measurement method for emissivity of fine ceramics and ceramic matrix composites
Part 3: Hemispherical total emissivity by direct heating calorimetry


Temerature range 700°C - 2800°C
Max.heating rate 3000°C/s
Atmosphere vacuum
Sample size φ 3 × L 100 (mm) (Negotiable)
Measurement property Electrical resistivity, Specific heat capacity, Hemispherical total emissivity
Option: Thermal expansion rate, Thermal diffusivity

Brief mechanism

Measurement example

Electrical resistivity

Hemispherical total emissivity

Heating rate data

Sample: Carbon material

At 2800°C, a target temperature was reached within one second with temperature control of less than 0.2% (+5°C, -2°C).

※Heating rate accuracy depends on sample shape.

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