Rapid Thermal Annealing System RTA series

High speed heat treatment from 2 inches to 300 mm 10 seconds until retention.
Infrared lamp heating is the method which can take advantage of its features of High energy density, Near infrared rays, High heat responsiveness, Temperature controllability, and Cold wall method.
We’re meeting the needs of our customers with supplying RTA Series, which can control the process recipe (heating and cooling) and gas type with its flow amount. The system is suitable for finding the best heating conditions.


  • Activation annealing after ion implantation.
  • Oxide film deposition annealing.
  • Ohmic electrode alloying.
  • Crystallization annealing of PZT, SBT and other ferroelectric thin films.
  • Si wafer donor-killer processing.
  • Silicide formation, salicide formation.
  • Heat treatment of light emitting elements, semiconductor laser substrates.
  • Ultra-shallow junction formation.
  • Ferroelectric capacitor deposition.
  • Gate oxide film formation.


  • Capable of 200°C/s max. flash annealing.
  • Compatible with C to C robot transport systems.
  • Can be linked with semiconductor manufacturing equipment.
  • Zone output control of lamps to perform uniform heat treatment of multi-wafers.


  • RTA-4000 CtoC
  • RTA-2000
  • RTA-6000
Model Sample Size Temperature Range Max. Heating Rate Atmosphere
RTA-2000 φ2-inch × 1 piece RT ~ 1000°C 100 °C/sec In Air,
Static gas,
Gas flow
RTA-4000 φ3 ~ 4-inch × 1 piece 200 °C/sec
RTA-6000 φ4 ~ 6-inch × 1 piece 200 °C/sec
RTA-8000 φ6 ~ 8-inch × 1 piece 200 °C/sec
RTA-12000 φ300mm × 1 piece 100 °C/sec

For other specification requirements, such as Single wafer processing, Flash annealing, C to C type, Other heating temperature, Gas type, Vacuum degree, please feel free to contact us.

RTA-2000 chamber part
RTA-12000 chamber part
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