Low Cost Infrared Lamp Heating System for R&D RTP-6

80°C/s high speed annealing possible at low cost.
This infrared lamp heating system with parabolic type reflectors can heat uniformly a wafer of the size up to 6 inches. It is capable of high-speed heat treatment, the most available for the research and development of heat treatment process. Silicide formation in individual semiconductor process and process annealing of compound semiconductor are available.


  • Capable of high speed heat treatment.
  • Capable of high speed cooling with the metal chamber cold-wall Cconstruction.
  • Gas flow after vacuum displacement is also available.
  • Temperature program setting and external signal input is easily executed from a PC.
  • Temperature data during heating can also be displayed on a PC.
  • A quartz protection plate (optional) can be installed in the chamber to prevent contamination.
  • Equipped with various safety measures.
  • Capable of excellent temperature distribution and reproducibility with the 9 zone control.


Temperature Range RT ~ 1100 °C
Sample Size 6-inch wafer 1 piece (4 or 5-inch wafer is optional.)
Atmosphere In Static gas, Gas flow, Air, Vacuum (Vacuum pumping system is optional.)
Heating Method Top single-side heating method by paraboloidal surface reflected infrared lamp
Maximum Heating Rate 80 °C/s
Uniform Temp. Precision ΔT = 10 °C at 800 °C being maintained in N2
Control Sensor Thermocouple JIS "K" (inserted in SiC coated carbon susceptor), pyrometer (option)
Heating Chamber


  • Infrared gold image furnace
  • Heat treatment chamber
  • Programmable temperature controller
  • 9-zone output unit
  • Span change unit
  • Gas piping system
  • Hot air exhaust system
  • Frame・Switch board
  • Pyrometer (option)
  • Cooling water circulation system (option)
  • Vacuum exhaust system (option)

System diagram


Outside dimensions Approx. W600 x D1000 x H1700 (mm) (excluding protrusion)
Weight Approx. 300kg
Power requirements・grounding Three phase AC 200V 30kVA, D type
Cooling water City water 15L/min or more, 0.3MPa or more
Vacuuming port KF-25
Gas port IN: 1/4 Swagelok joint (or its equivalent)
OUT:3/8 Swagelok joint (or its equivalent)
Hot air outlet Approx. φ50 short tube

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