Simplified Infrared Lamp Heating System SSA series

Simplified system with Infrared Gold Image Furnace and a quartz chamber.
A low-cost heating system consist of an Infrared Golc Image Furnace and quartz chamber including a sample holder.


  • Alloying of compound semiconductors
  • RTA of Si, compound semiconductors
  • Baking furnace for laminating materials on ceramic substrates
  • Annealing furnace for glass and ceramic substrates


  • Quartz chamber is selectable from gas flow type or vacuum type. (Gas flow type is standard.)
  • Gas flow type and vacuum type can be integrated as option.
  • Simple input of temperature recipe into computer connected with USB
  • Display temperature data on the PC monitor during heating


Model SSA-E45P SSA-E410P SSA-P610CP
Heating Method Focused light cylindrical heating Focused light cylindrical heating Parallel light cylindrical heating
Temperature Range RT ~ 1400 °C RT ~ 1200 °C
Heating zone φ15 × L50 (mm) φ15 × L100 (mm) φ50 × L100 (mm)
Soaking zone φ10 × L40 (mm) φ10 × L80 (mm) φ40 × L80 (mm)
Heating chamber Quartz chamber (φ30 mm)
for gas flow
Quartz chamber (φ98 mm)
for gas flow
Sample holder Quartz holder with boat shape Quartz holder with boat shape Quartz holder for 2-inch wafer
Thermocouple JIS R-type
Temperature controller TPC5000-32-1 TPC5000-62-1

*Heating temperature changes according to the heated sample’s infrared reflectance, absorption, heat capacity, and material.

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