Laser Flash Method Thermal Constant Measurement System TC-1200RH/TC-9000 series

Thermal conductivity measurements covering a wide range of materials not only thermoelectric materials but also metals, ceramics, carbon etc.
The systems measure 3 thermal constants (Thermal diffusivity, Specific heat capacity, Thermal conductivity) for uniform solid materials such as thermoelectric materials, ceramics, carbon, Metal, etc


  • Research and development of thermoelectric materials
  • Research and development of ceramics, metals and organic materials
  • Evaluation of thermal diffusivity and thermal conductivity of materials related to FPD
  • Research of thermal diffusivity of materials such as semiconductor devices and molded(Seal) materials


  • Specific heat measurement with contact and non-contact methods
  • Realize an uniform laser pattern (Patented)
  • Stabilized lower output laser power supply system(Patented)
  • Much better temperature controllability, stability with infrared gold image furnace (TC-1200RH model)
  • Available to measure thermal diffusivity at plane direction of thin film with a substrate measurement attachment

A patent and a standard

Uses contact-method and non-contact-method specific heat measurement methods. (Patented)
Uses a stable low-output laser power supply system. (Patented)

JIS R 1611:1997
Test methods of thermal diffusivity, specific heat capacity, and thermal conductivity for fine ceramics by laser flash method
JIS R 1650-3:2002
Method for measurement of fine ceramics thermoelectric materials
JIS H 7801:2005
Method for measuring thermal diffusivity of metals by the laser flash method
JIS R 1667:2005
Determination of thermal diffusivity of continuous fiber-reinforced ceramic matrix composites by the laser flash method
ISO 18755:2005
Determination of thermal diffusivity of monolithic ceramics by laser flash method


Model TC-9000L TC-9000H TC-9000UVH TC-1200RH
Temperature range -120 ~ 200 °C RT ~ 1500 °C RT ~ 2200 °C RT ~ 1150 °C
Max. heating rate 10 °C/min 50 °C/min
Sample size φ10 × t1 ~ 3 (For normal direction measurement) (mm)
Atmosphere Low pressure helium gas Vacuum *Air (Up to 150 °C)

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