Temperature-Programmed Desorption Gas Analyzer TDS-M202R

Reach a target temperature for a short time, Mass analysis of up to 200amu is available
This system can measure the gas desorbed from a sample with a quadro-pole mass filter after heating up to a target temperature.


  • Evaluation of various vacuum materials like vacuum grease and O-rings
  • Evaluation of semiconductor wafers and chips
  • Analysis of small amount of gas desorbed from alloy and ceramics etc.


  • Capable of mass analysis measurement in a high vacuum of 10-5Pa range
  • A wide range of heating setting from high speed to low speed, multistep heating and cyclic heating are available
  • With a quartz reaction tube employing cold wall method, there is almost no gas emitted by infrared lamp heating.
  • method, there is almost no gas emitted by infrared lamp heating.


Temperature range RT ~ 1000 °C
Sample size □20 × t2 (mm)
Atmosphere Vacuum
Heating method Paraboloidal reflected infrared tubular heating method
Temperature sensor Thermocouple (JIS “K”)
Ultimate vacuum The range of 10-5 Pa (after 8-hour baking)
Measurement range of mass amount 1 ~ 200 amu
Safe guard Cooling water • Earth leakage(ELB)
Sensitivity 4A/Pa
Resolution M/ Δ M=1M (10% P.H.)

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