Electric Resistance Measurement System for Metals and Semiconductors TER series

Metallic phase transition, aging, recrystallization reaction
This system can measure precisely the electric resistance of metallic alloys and semiconductors with DC four-thermal method.


  • Research on metal phase transformation, age hardening, recrystallization
  • Recrystallization analysis of amorphous metals
  • Research and development of shape memory alloys
  • Measurements of the electric resistance of various semiconductor materials at temperatures


  • Capable of electric resistance measurements in a constant-rate rising and falling temperature state and in a constant temperature state
  • Capable of precise measurements with the DC four-terminal method
  • Free from influence of thermal electromotive forces


Model TER-2000RH TER-2000L
Temperature range RT ~ 1400 °C -150 ~ 200 °C
Measurement method DC four terminal method
Measurement range 100Ω~5×10-5Ω
Sample Size φ 10 × L 100 (mm)
Atmosphere Inert gas, Air, Vacuum (option)
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