Thermomechanical Analyzer TM-9000 series

Capable of viscoelasticity measurements in various atmospheres
Measures the thermal expansion and contraction of solid samples. Capable of stress relaxation measurements. Capable of performing thermal expansion measurements by tension to film materials


Thermal expansion, glass transition, and humidity expansion measurements of polymer films, quality control of semiconductor package materials, viscoelasticity measurements of polymer materials


  • Precise load control and displacement control by microcontroller
  • Many easy to use attachments
  • Employs a zero load auto balance mechanism


Model TM-9200 TM-9300 TM-9400 TM-9500
Temperature Range -170 ~ 300 °C -150 ~ 600 °C RT ~ 1000 °C RT ~ 1500 °C
Sample Size φ3 mm to 6 mm x 10 mm to 20 mm length (compression)
2 mm to 5 mm width x 15 mm length x 0.2 mm or lower thickness (film tension)
0.1 mm to 0.8 mm x 15 mm length (fiber tension)
φ3 mm to 6 mm x 10 mm to 20 mmlength
(compression only)
Measurement Atmosphere Air, inert gas (humid atmosphere)
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