Vapor Pressure Evaluation System VPE-9000<vacuum thermobalance>

Stable changes in weight in a high vacuum
This system evaluates saturated vapor pressure and the thermal behavior of organic materials. An exhaust method is employed that allows stable measurements even in a vacuum. Achieves precise temperature controllability and responsiveness with the Infrared Gold Image Furnace


  • Measures the saturated vapor pressure of organic materials
  • Sublimation purification simulations
  • Measures changes in weight in a vacuum


  • Finds the evaporation conditions of polymer materials
  • Changes in weight at a constant pressure


Temperature Range RT to 1100 °C
Measurement Atmosphere Vacuum, Inert gas, Air


Floor space Approx.W2000 x D700 (mm)
Weight Approx.180kg
Power 1Φ AC200V 4.8kVA
1Φ AC100V 2kVA
1Φ AC100V 1.5kVA
Cooling water 7L/min or more, 0.2MPa or more


  • Pressure control system 1set
  • Sample vessel, collection tube for sublimation refining simulation 1set

Measurement example

Weight vs Temperature

Analysis example

Vapor pressure vs Reciprocal temperature

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