Thermal Expansion Measurment System by Laser Interferometer LIX-2 series

High-accuracy measurement of thermal expansion with a minimum resolution of 1nm
This is a laser thermal expansion measurement system with ultra-high sensitivity developed by the use of the latest optical techniques. This system is suitable to be used as a calibration system for a standard thermal dilatometer, also to measure absolute thermal expansion measurements of unknown samples. This system is compliant with JIS R3251-1995, Measuring method of the linear thermal expansion coefficient for low expansion glass by laser interferometry.


  • Measurement of organic films in the thickness direction
  • Precise measurement of low expansion glass
  • Quality control measurement of low expansion metal materials
  • Measurement of seal materials
  • Precise measurement of parts of electronic devices
  • Measurement of calibration samples for a standard thermal dilatometer


  • Stable measurement is available with a parallel-shifting sample holder.
  • High-accuracy measurement with reading resolution of 1nm
  • With the use of a quartz sample, films or thin plates with thickness of 50 ~ 500μm can be measurable in the thickness direction.

A patent and a standard

Complies with JISR 3251-1995 Parallel moving sample holder (patented)


Model LIX-2M LIX-2L
Temperature range RT ~ 700 °C -150 ~ 200 °C
Sample size φ5 ~ 6 × L10 ~ 15 (mm) Both sides in the length direction are finished spherically.
Atmosphere ➀Vacuum ➁Low pressure high purity helium gas
Measurement method Dual path Michelson laser interferometry

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