2-Omega Method Nano Thin Film Thermal Conductivity Meter TCN-2ω

Thermal conductivity evaluation for a nano thin film at normal direction
TCN-2ω is the world’s only system which can measure thermal conductivity for a nano thin film at normal direction.


  • Best suited for evaluation of thermal conductivity of thin film required for thermal design.
    Low-K insulating film, Organic thin film, Thin film of thermoelectric materials
  • Development on an insulating film and improvement of its heat dissipation
  • Application evaluation to thermoelectric thin films


  • Available to measure thermal conductivity of thin film (20 ~ 1000nm thickness) deposited on a substrate
  • Actualize the measurement of detecting temperature change by thermo-reflectance method
  • Simply pre-treated for a sample

A patent and a standardh3>

Measurement method of thermophysical properties(Japan Patent No.5426115)


Measurement Properties RT
Sample size W10 × L10 ~ 20 × t0.3 ~ 1 (mm) (Substrate)
Measurement Atomosphere Vacuum

Measurement principle

Metal thin film is heated by the periodic heating method with the basic frequency ( f / Hz). As a result, the response frequency with the thermal energy, 2 f / Hz, is equal to two times as large as the basic one. In the case of the film composed of metal thin film (0) – thin film (1) – substrate (s) as shown in Figure, the temperature increase T(0) on the upper surface for the metal thin film can be calculated on the basis of one-dimensional heat conduction model. Assuming that the energy completely arrived at the bottom substrate, T(0) is following the equation,

(λ / W m-1 K-1, C / J K-1 m-3, q/ W m-3, d / m , ω (=2πf ) / s-1

We note that the real part (in-phase amplitude) contains the information for the thin film. Assuming that the thermal energy completely arrives at the bottom substrate, the in-phase amplitude is proportional to (2ω)-0.5. Thermal conductivity for the thin film (λ1) is estimated from
(m:slope, n: intercept)

Schematic figure of TCN-2ω

Experimental result for various SiO2 thin films measured by TCN-2ω

Evaluation in thin film

Sample preparation

SiO2film (20-100nm)- Si substrate

d1 / nm 19.9 51.0 96.8
λ1 / Wm-1 K-1 0.82 1.12 1.20

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