Thermal Diffusivity measurement system by Xe flash method TD-1

Capable of evaluation of heat radiation film in the thickness direction and anisotropy
The most suitable system for the evaluations of heat dissipation films etc. By using Xenon lamp, it enables to minimize the damage to the sample. Sample anisotropy can also easily measure by using the original attachment as an option.


  • Research and development of thermoelectric materials
  • Research and development of ceramics, metals and organic materials
  • Evaluation of thermal diffusivity and thermal conductivity of materials related to FPD
  • Research of thermal diffusivity of materials such as semiconductor devices and molded(Seal) materials


  • Specific heat measurement with contact and non-contact methods
  • Realize an uniform laser pattern (Patented)
  • Stabilized lower output laser power supply system(Patented)
  • Much better temperature controllability, stability with infrared gold image furnace (TC-1200RH model)
  • Available to measure thermal diffusivity at plane direction of thin film with a substrate measurement attachment


Model TD-1 HTV TD-1 RTV TD-1 RTA
Temperature range RT ~ 350 °C (max.) RT
Temperature Range RT to Max. 350 °C RT
Temperature Range RT to Max. 350 °C RT
Sample Size φ10mm (Round samples, normal direction measurements)
Sample thickness 25μm ~ 2mm (For polymid-based samples)
Round sample holder (Normal direction) φ12.7, φ15, φ20 mm
Square sample holder (Normal direction) □10, 12.7 mm
In-plane direction holder (In-plane direction) φ 20 mm
Number of sample per a measurement 4 pieces 1 pieces
Atmosphere Air, Vacuum, Inert gas Air
The image of measurement of anisotropy
The image of measurement in the normal direction

Applicable materials

  • Polymer film
  • High brightness LED
  • Adhesive
  • High thermal conductivity sheet
  • Electronic equipments materials
  • Double sided tape
  • Other polymer materials
  • Power device
  • Paint


Power requirements AC100V, 15A (PC excluded)
Footprint about 710mm(W) x about 620mm(D) HTV model (Protruding parts excluded)
Equipment weight about 40kg

Measurement of polyimide film on the market

Thickness (μm) 25 50 75 125
Thermal diffusivity (×10-6m22s-1) 0.14 0.20 0.21 0.22

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